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Choose a HEALTHY fundraising product by selling something your customers will actually use and enjoy... Choose a HEALTHY fundraising product by selling something your customers will actually use and enjoy...

Body Saltz is the leader in the bath salt line of fund raising products.

Our fund raising programs are profitable, risk-free and, most of all, fun!
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About Body Saltz

Body Saltz is a Canadian company based in the Fraser Valley in beautiful British Columbia. Body Saltz manufactures and wholesales bath and body products for spas, salons, dayspas, retail stores, gift basket companies, wineries, bath and body stores and many more industries.

All of our products are hand made by us in Canada. We supply superior quality gourmet Body Saltz to the wholesale, retail and consumer markets throughout North America. Our customers range from individuals who order for personal use to spas and retail stores who buy for reselling and commercial use. Body Saltz strict commitment to bringing value to our customers ensures that they will receive only the best, most natural products possible.

Our Story

Body Saltz was in full swing 25 years ago when our good friend, started up the company from his tiny apartment in Vancouver, BC. Body Saltz continued to be in high demand and continued to grow rapidly. Unable and unprepared to keep up with the demands and high volume of orders, Body Saltz outgrew the tiny apartment, our good friend did not have the resources to expand and the company was dissolved. Body Saltz has been non-existent since...

Here we are 20 years later, in beautiful Agassiz, BC, Body Saltz has been built from the ground up once again, with the sky being our limit! We are well on our way to fame, and we're here to stay. Our new facility is capable of producing over 50,000 units per week, with even more room for expansion. We've kept the business name, Body Saltz, just because we love it so much, and thanks to our good friend, for convincing us to start up Body Saltz, a very successful business has blossomed once again!

Our Products

Our items are made fresh, packaged and labeled by hand to ensure that every product receives the utmost attention to detail and meets our high standards. We invite you to compare and discover the difference our dedication to superior products makes.

Body Saltz are available in 700g Large Reclosable Bags, 300g Medium Reclosable Bags, and 150g Small Reclosable Bags, 110g Gift Jar, 225g Bath Jar, as well as the world's most perfect Body Saltz Bath Bomz!.
We are committed to selling only the highest quality and finest selection of salts at the best price, suitable for both home and professional use.

Body Saltz are made with Pure Organic Epsom Salts, and we use absolutely no preservatives or chemicals to enhance our product. They are beautiful, and smell great all on their own!

We appreciate your interest in Body Saltz and look forward to serving you..

Doing our Part for Mother Earth

Body Saltz products strives to consider the environment in every decision that we make. From printing our brochures, pamphlets and labels on recycled, recyclable paper with vegetable inks, to our bags, jars and shipping boxes, we use recyclable products wherever we possibly can!

All of our products are packaged in 100% recyclable packaging. Body Saltz are biodegradable and not harmful to natural watersheds and eco-systems. In fact, the earth benefits from the minerals in our products as you send them down the drain!

We love the earth and try to make our environmental footprint as small as we can!

Our Website

The Body Saltz website is a work in progress. We would love to hear your feedback as we work to build a website that provides you, our valued customer, with a delightful shopping experience. If you have any suggestions, comments or ideas, feel free to email us! Thank you - have a wonderful time filling your tub!

Privacy Policy

We do not share any email addresses, or personal information in any form with anyone. Our customers are important to us and we respect your privacy.

Hotmail, AOL & Yahoo Users

If you have set up your account to accept only mail from known email addresses and we are not on your list, our mail will not reach you. We have found that many of our customers who use the above accounts have not received our emails.

We reply to everyone within 24 hours after receiving your email or order. If you have not received a response, please check your 'junk mail' for our email. It will come to you under the email address listed on our contacts page.

The Latest News..

Body Saltz launches newsletters on a regular basis.  We've had so much success with our Body Saltz products that we've decided to offer more specials and promotions to show our appreciation.  To stay up to date on these specials and promotions, you can subscribe to our newsletter on the left side bar of this page, or view our newsletter online.