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Choose a HEALTHY fundraising product by selling something your customers will actually use and enjoy...

Body Saltz is the leader in the bath salt line of fund raising products.

Our fund raising programs are profitable, risk-free and, most of all, fun!
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Body Saltz Bath Bomz

Are you ready to try the WORLD'S WILDEST BATH BOMZ?

Body Saltz Bath Bomz are among the best bath bombs on the market, therefore, making them a great addition to your existing line of products. As with all of our products, they are hand made one at a time with the best ingredients available. Since we manufacture our own products, they are always fresh when you receive them.

As much fun as our Bath Bomz are in the tub, they can also be used as a body scrub...

Fizzing for up to five minutes,
you have plenty of time to exfoliate yourself,
and still have time to drop your bomz in the
tub to watch the wild fizz!!

Nourish your skin with smoothing oils while you gently exfoliate your skin with the fizzing Bomz. You will be amazed at how soft your skin will feel after! Body Saltz Bath Bomz are available in all of our Body Saltz scents.

Body Saltz Bath Bomz

Bath Bomz, Bath bombs, bath fizzers, fizzy tabs - there are a variety of different names that they go by, but Body Saltz Bath Bomz are simply the best!!

Handmade Body Saltz Bath Bomz add a little excitement to your bath while at the same time they provide added aromatherapeutic effects. Body Saltz Bath Bomz will soften the water and release soothing aromas to give you a very relaxing bath!

How do Bath Bomz Work?

The wonderful fizzing is the result of the natural reaction of an alkaline, sodium bicarbonate, and an acid, citric acid. When dissolved in the water they react to create carbon dioxide gas, which creates all the fun fizzing bubbles from your Bath Bomz. As a side note, a salt is also created by the reaction which is called sodium citrate. This serves to soften the water. We use other ingredients as well to enhance the pleasure and health benefits of our Body Saltz Bath Bomz.

These Body Saltz Bath Bomz are just the thing for anyone looking for a high quality, great value bath addition that looks and smells great.

We have a range of fantastic scents to choose from, each in their own distinctive colour. Buy several different colors to make an eye catching display in your shop that your customers will not be able to resist.

Body Saltz Bath Bomz are for Everyone!

Whether you have your own store, own a home-based gift basket company or make purchase decisions for a retailer with multiple locations, you now have access to a great selection of products at prices usually only offered to large retail chains. We specialize in manufacturing for the bath and body products industry. Currently our product line consists of a variety of Body Saltz Bath Bomz and Body Saltz, all available in approximately 40 wonderful scents and colors!

Using our own formulations, our scented products use only the finest ingredients and have received rave reviews by the most discriminating bath connoisseurs. They are sure to be a huge success with your customers as well.