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Choose a HEALTHY fundraising product by selling something your customers will actually use and enjoy...
Body Saltz is the leader in the bath salt line of fund raising products. Our fund raising programs are profitable, risk-free and, most of all, fun!
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Breathe Easy

The crisp aroma of Breathe Easy is woven with velvety eucalyptus to create a revitalizing ambience. 

Eucalyptus is used traditionally to promote a healthy respiratory system, improve lung conditions, and help clean bronchial passages.  It also has skin cleansing and antibacterial action, great for razor burn and other skin irritations. 

Breathe Easy is formulated with high quality natural essential oils.  If you suffer from respiratory illness, you will be amazed at the results.  Make your tub a little warmer than usual, and breathe deeply as you inhale the steam. 

Breathe Easy  also works wonders as a chest rub, muscle or joint rub, and facial scrub.

Breathe Easy Body Saltz