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Choose a HEALTHY fundraising product by selling something your customers will actually use and enjoy...

Body Saltz is the leader in the bath salt line of fund raising products.

Our fund raising programs are profitable, risk-free and, most of all, fun!
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We are committed to creating and supplying only the
finest selection of salts designed for both
professional and personal use.

Whether you have tired feet, tension, headaches or a stiff back,
Body Saltz come in a variety of soothing scents to offer many benefits.

  • Heals and detoxifies while you relax a tired and sore body
  • Purifies, softens and exfoliates your skin
  • Reduces common irritations, such as, bug bites, minor rashes, and calluses
  • Helps heal skin conditions, such as, athlete’s foot, eczema and psoriasis
  • Eases stress and improves circulation
  • Opens the pores cleansing away dirt, sweat and toxins
  • Reduces tenderness, inflammation, ingrown toe nails, back pain, muscle cramps, arthritis, muscle tension or spasms, and minor work and sports injuries
  • Handmade to perfection with 100% pure ingredients


Living Healthy! Living Well!

Body Saltz are for EVERYONE, even if you’re a shower person…

Add Body Saltz to your foot bath, jacuzzi or hot tub.

To Exfoliate:  Mix 1 cup of Body Saltz with 1/8 cup of skin cleanser or face cream to scrub away dry skin patches.

Spa Treatment:  After showering, massage Body Saltz over wet skin to cleanse and exfoliate for a special treat.

Mix with your favorite conditioner, Body Saltz even add body to your hair!

Offering a rainbow of colors and scents!
Wonderful selection for women, men, children and babies…

We invite you to discover the difference our dedication to superior products makes.